Friedrich Bhaer
Gabriel Byrne as Friedrich Bhaer (1994)

Birth and Death


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  • Fritz
  • Professor Bhaer

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Family Members

Spouse and Children


Nieces and Nephews


Friedrich "Fritz" Bhaer was Josephine March's husband.


Life in GermanyEdit

Friedrich was born in Germany and became a noted professor in Berlin.

Life in New YorkEdit

Friedrich emigrated to New York City, where he lived in Mrs. Kirke's boarding house and worked as a language master. He was very poor.
He met Josephine "Jo" March, who had moved into the boarding house. They became friends and he critiqued her writing. He encouraged her to become a serious writer instead of writing "sensation" stories for weekly tabloids. The two eventually married.

Life at PlumfieldEdit

The Bhaers moved to Plumfield, left to Jo by her Aunt March, where they established a school. They raised Fritz's two orphaned nephews, Franz and Emil Hoffmann, and their own sons, Rob and Ted.


Friedrich was a gentle and compassionate man, though not afraid to offer someone his opinion, however hard to hear, if he thought it will do them good.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Friedrich had kind, twinkling eyes and grey-black hair.


  • Friedrich is a male given name of German origin and means 'peaceful ruler'.


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