Margaret Brooke

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  • Daisy

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  • Aunt March (great aunt)
  • Uncle March (great uncle)


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Margaret "Daisy" Brooke is the daughter of John and Meg Brooke and the sister of Demi and Josie.


Early LifeEdit

Daisy is Demi's twin sister and grows up very close to him. As a baby, she is the more peaceful of the two.
Although she has many dolls that she lovingly cares and cooks for, she has to spend a lot of time alone, as the boys at Plumfield, where she spends most of her childhood, wouldn't let her play games with them. Her aunt, Jo, tries to solve this problem by providing a miniature kitchen, but Daisy's loneliness is primarily ended when Nan Harding comes to live at Plumfield.

Daisy grows up an obedient and gentle girl, eager to help and please others. She has a strong relationship with her mother, that grows strained when the latter learns of her daughter's feelings for Nathaniel Blake, a young musician Daisy grew up with. Meg is of the opinion that Nat is too weak a man to deserve her beloved Daisy, but changes her mind when he returns from some time in Germany, having learnt some hard lessons there.


Daisy is described as "sunshiny and charming" and delights in housework such as cooking, cleaning, washing, and sewing. She shies away from conflict, which causes her to have trouble speaking her mind to the people she loves, if she thinks it will upset them.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Daisy had her mother’s kind smile and her fathers gray eyes. She also had long black hair. And was known for having allot of similarity to Meg.