Aunt March 1978

Greer Garson as Aunt March (1978)

Aunt March was the March girls' paternal aunt.


She was an elderly woman who had mounds of riches and valuable items, and wished for company of the youth. Jo earned money for some time by accompanying her; for instance, she read to her and went to the market with her. However, when Aunt March decided to take a trip to Europe, she chose Amy to go with her. The girl had gone to stay with her during Beth's first bout of illness and Aunt March had grown fonder of her than she was of Jo.she plays a rude character in this novel.She was hard to please,Amy was the only march girl who could impress her and Amy too was fond of her.We also see that she is proud of her wealth and properties and also advises meg to marry a rich man instead of John,whom she truely loved.


Physical AppearanceEdit



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